High School Marching Band Championship for ISSMA Scholastic Classes

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October, 24, 2015

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Lawrence Central HS (IN), Indianapolis, IN

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ISSMA scholastic sheets and panels

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Note: ISSMA only releases a ranking of the top 5 from each class. Full recaps are distributed to directors for educational use only. Any information beyond the top 5 from each class should not be posted here.

Scholastic Small Edit

  1. Columbia City HS (IN)
  2. Reitz Memorial HS (IN)
  3. Danville Community HS (IN)
  4. Salem HS (IN)
  5. Tri-West HS (IN)

Scholastic Large Edit

  1. Chesterton HS (IN)
  2. La Porte HS (IN)
  3. Warsaw HS (IN)
  4. Mt. Vernon HS (Fortville, IN)
  5. Warren Central HS (IN)

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